Wednesday, August 18, 2004

At least it's not a look of reproach

Even when he's asleep, he makes faces like he's passing a stone. He could be filling a diaper, but I'm not interested in finding out for sure. Posted by Hello


Marjie said...

Aww!! So adorable!

Marjie said...

Hahaha..... I think he's passing gas, but only the nose knows for sure (and then Mom!).

Anonymous said...

Considering he's so young and hasn't many memories...I'd wager he's having a nightmare of being in a full body vice that's slowly pushing him head first into a vast and glaringly bright expansive space where someone immediately after catching him proceeds to spank his newborn booty...yeah, I'd say that sounds about right!!!

Man, what a cutie he is, such big, pretty eyes.

Anyway, since we've already, during phone conversations, established, that he's a wait-and-let-it-just-happen-on-its-own type of boy I feel you should rethink your stone theory.

I'm so thrilled for you guys congratulations on making it through the first night. Sounds like you two are really getting the hang of things. I can't even imagine the fear you must have when you realize that the hospital personel are actually going to allow you to walk out the door WITH A BABY! on your own and unattended...think I'd be bribing them to come with us :)


Dave said...

Miss: He may not be a push-it-out kind of guy, but he sure gets the job done. Just like his dad.