Monday, August 16, 2004

The blush of new motherhood...

...suddenly fades and becomes a sort of blanched white color from lack of sleep. Poor Christine. She sent me home last night to get some sleep so I could be fresh to help her today (I was practically useless yesterday afternoon because of a nasty headache that resulted from stress, no food, and no caffeine).

While I was resting comfortably, Christine was up all night feeding the little man. So, despite having wanted to see our coworkers here in the hospital, I asked the nurses to turn people away because she was so exhausted. She still hasn't slept, but at least she's no longer hallucinating.

All that practice last night had one good effect: Christine and the baby are getting the hang of breast feeding, now. Speaking of which, we're getting conflicting info on breast feeding. Some sources say to switch boobs after 15 minutes. Others say empty one, then next feeding empty the other. The second makes more sense to us, since he'll get the hind milk that way. The first way is a pain in the ass since the switch upsets both baby and mother.

The other topic that produces conficting advice is keeping the baby warm. Babies don't have much insulation, so you gotta keep 'em well wrapped. The nurses here say he should have a onesie, a sleeper, 3 light blankets, a space heater, and a roaring bonfire. Others say that if you're comfortable wandering around the Arctic Circle wearing a speedo, he'll be fine doing the same. Okay, that's a bit of hyperbole, but you get my drift.

We've adopted a provisional strategy for this conflicting info: listen, smile and nod at the conficting bits of advice, and experiment on your own. You probably won't kill anyone this way.


Anonymous said...

Davey,you are so funny.
Now I feel bad,I just tried to call Christine and she is probably sleeping. It is 2:17 pm here. You might tell them not to put calls thru so she can sleep.
I did every other technique when breast feeding. It seemed to work but then in recent times I saw the switch at the same feeding technique.
Who knows.. you all grew up healthy!
How is the little one today? Did he have to get a 24 hour check up? More pictures please.....
Hugs you all,

SpencerBlog said...

Congrats to you all! I'm so happy you got him out, Christine. Dave you remind me of my husband, who panicked during a very projectile poop that happened MID change his first time.

One word about the changing breasts after every 15 minutes deal...ususally that is when things are well established, and it is just a rough guide, because the little darlings can pretty much nearly empty a breast in that time According to LeLeche League (I used to be a card-carrying member), the length of feeding early on should be determined by the baby's interest and response. When he peters out, that is burping time...then you can start on other side if you want. As long as baby is positioned correctly and sucking correctly, you can let him go to town on the second side. ALso then at the next feeding start with the SECOND breast.

Congrats again. I have some things to drop off when you are taking visitors...
Best wishes,
Linda Spencer