Saturday, August 14, 2004

Christine here.

At about noon, after I wrote my comment to Dave's post, I reread it. I thought, I sound so silly and stupid. Everything, in the end, will be fine. I guess I had mentally relaxed cause that is when my water broke. (By the way, the time had been wrong in these posts. The time listed is two hours earlier than it is here. As of this post, I am correcting the time.)

I am not thrilled that I am having a less than ideal labor ( I am still dilated zero and have not dropped!) but whatever. Here I am in the hospital having my induced contractions...and watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer on TV.

Abrupt change of subject with no transition: Today is our 5th wedding anniversary. At 12:45, Dave opened his gift from me and gave me a very puzzled look. The gift was a bundle of firewood. Then I explained: wood is the material for 5th wedding anniversaries. Also, this morning, I reserved a campsite two towns over so we could use the site to make a firepit and have a cookout. There are no official reservations at this park, so I was required to pay for the night and "set up" my camping equipment. So I left our camp chair on the campsite...Right now, I figure the chair is having a wonderful time all by itself camping. If we had a picture of our chair sitting at the campsite alone, that would be the photo that would accompany this post. Imagine it.

Christine, not Dave


Christine said...

Oops, the only time that was wrong earlier today was the time on the comment I wrote.

Kylah said...

Happy Anniversary to you both!! What a good idea, with the firewood and the camping spot...imaginative...
I just wanted to say that as this is your first baby, of course you are going to be concerned with alot of different things, there are alot of unknowns to be worried about! The best defense is to be prepared, which is sounds like you both are. :)