Sunday, August 15, 2004

Epidural in. Sleepy time, now

Wow. So, Christine put up a brave fight for I don't know how many hours now, but it's time for some relief. She's 3 cm dilated, but the baby's still way the hell up there. Anaesthesiologist Dr. Johnson (who was only too happy to get some credit for his work for once) was fast and pleasant...and delivered a heck of a lot of pain relief.

Now, we're all (including Dr. Johnson) going to try to get some shut-eye. I have a pillow that is literally flat. Oh, well. G'night.

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Anonymous said...

Did you guys bring a laptop to the hospital? Does the L&D room have internet access? If so, I'm moving to Iowa for my next kid!

Congrats and good luck,

-Frank Levine (and Ben)