Sunday, August 15, 2004

Goddamn! He's pretty good looking...of course, you can't see his conehead.


Anonymous said...

What a beauty. We are so excited. Congratulations you three. Can't wait to see our new grandson and you two.
Great work Christine! You too Dad!
love mom and dad

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful boy!


Anonymous said...

Awesome You Guys!!!

All these updates are amazing. Sounds like you three had a tough night, but I can see it's all been more than worth it...look how perfect Aiden looks! Props to Christine for all the hard work and amazing attitude thoughout and to Dave for being such a supportive and wonderful husband. Aiden couldn't be luckier than to have you two for parents. Can't wait to see you all and meet Lil Etler for the first time!!

Congratulations - I couldn't be happier for you...Kurt's really psyched too, but he's playing poker now and well, you know how that goes :)

Love you, Love you, Love you -
PS - August 15th is a great birthday :)
PS Again - Don't worry about the conehead, those things can be massaged away, just ask Jan about Cam's nose :)