Wednesday, August 18, 2004

If only adults were this easy.

Aiden cries and waves his arms about, until by chance one happens to land in his mouth. After that, it's all blue skies. Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

Great picture!
We get to see his big beautiful brown eyes.

Dave said...

Marjie: Actually, at the moment, they're dark blue. Pretty, but they're bound to change, I guess. Wish they'd stay blue, though.

Marjie said...

Dave, did I make the blue eyes comment? Not sure I did but I agree, Aiden has beautiful eyes. (I comment so much that you must figure every other comment is from me! But I can't help it- he is so sweet and I love this blog.) I wish I had started one when Sophie was born!

Anonymous said...

I love you guys 

Posted by jeremy etler

Anonymous said...

We love you too, Jeremy! 

Posted by Dave