Tuesday, August 17, 2004

"While you're there, take advantage of the time to rest."

Hah! A narcoleptic couldn't rest in a hospital. Every time you're about to fall asleep, someone comes by to "check on the [baby/mother/bathroom/linens/refrigerator/television/door handles]".

But, we're leaving the hospital today. Which is bizarre. How do they know we know what we're doing? How do we know we know what we're doing? Oh, well, we probably don't. We're so tired, we probably will just fall back on our long submerged mammalian instincts and forget all about Dr. Sears' advice.

Christine says: "I feel like a star. Yesterday, one of the midwives said, 'None of us (the three midwives) thought he was going to come out the bottom.' And, Aiden's a star--he's healthy, he learned how to breast feed, he can hold up his head (especially when he's hungry and looking for a boob to latch onto)."

All around, I'd say this has been a wonderful experience. I can't recommend highly enough UIHC, the midwives, the staff, and the doctors. Although the couches could use some re-thinking.

Although we don't have family here in IC, doing this has really helped us feel like our family and friends from back east are here with us. So, I'll continue to update this site (although perhaps less frequently) with photos, news, and whatever floats through my sleep-deprived brain. Thanks for your comments, advice and support. Keep it coming!


Marjie said...

This is the next best thing as I'm not able to come and visit. It's both entertaining and informative- please keep it up! I have a gift for Christine thats a looonnnnnnng time overdue, but now its very appropriate, if not as much for the baby, but for her!

Way to go!!!!! BRAVO Christine!! (Pretty damn good too, Davey!!)


Aunt Martha said...

Wow! Congratulations! Wish I was there. Wish I could hold him. Give him a big fat kiss for me. He's the most beautiful baby I've ever seen. He's so gorgeous, I think you should get him an agent. I can't wait to meet him in person. Take care of each other.
Aunt Martha