Monday, September 20, 2004

End of obsession.

The new belly button arrived this week. After installation, it was as if the old, rotted stump had never been there. *Sigh* Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

what did you do with the old one.....????? hope it's not in a jar!!!
great picture


Marjie said...

Hopefully, Dave, they didn't decide it was beef jerky and gnaw on it in the middle of the night. Maybe check under some tree outside. I don't think they are the "Lucky CHarm" types, either; let's hope not!


~Kat said...

Crack me Up!!! I've got a few friends hooked on your website, btw.... we all love Aiden! It's like REALITY INTERNET! *kisses to the baby*

Dave said...

beyourluv: I hope all this fame doesn't go to his head. I guess I might feel like a failure as a father if he took the path of Macaulay Culkin or Corey Haim. Man, Culkin looks like hammered crap. A proud moment for him, I'm sure. So, I guess I'll shoot for him to be like Ron Howard or Sean Astin.