Monday, September 13, 2004

Psychotherapist's second boat payment

Christine here. I am sure Dave doesn't mind me posting this photo. Dave pinched Aiden's arm in the buckle of his baby seat. Aiden is very easy going though. He only cried for 10 seconds...but it was loud enough to wake me up from my nap.Posted by Hello


Marjie said...

Christine, you get a nap?? Lucky mama!

Wow, Davey, that's not a boat payment, that's a mortgage payment!

Anonymous said...

not to worry papa....I could not understand why the diaper pin (remember them) was not going into the diaper....well it was because I was pushing it into the hip bone....soooooooo.....chit happens....I think it probably hurt papa more then it hurt Aiden....what a sweetie pie he is I wanna hold him.....waaaaaaaaaa........Tell him about Auntie Chuckles, OK?

Anonymous said...

Aiden, tell Grandma all about it.