Wednesday, October 27, 2004


Aiden is fascinated by the Bumbulis-Fisher Hawaiian wedding shirt. I think he's amazed at this world that's laid out in front of him, with the palm trees and sunsets. As was I when I first saw the shirt. It's my favorite shirt, but man, it'll put your eye out if you aren't careful.

He's really begun to interact with his world. While he was looking at the various parts of my shirt, he'd stare and then he'd do that thing that all babies do, where they hit a surface with their hand, palm down, several times as if testing it's tolerance for pain. That's brand new, and you read it here first.

Also new this week—Aiden has begun to laugh. I'll try to record it for you soon (it's kind of hit-or-miss), but it's the coolest thing. One thing is for sure: Christine and I are the funniest people he knows.

Tomorrow: Aiden goes to day care for 2 whole hours. Friday, he'll go all day. Who's gonna watch The Price is Right and Magnum PI with me?

Finally, we're still in the running for that house I mentioned earlier. Read all about it.

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~Kat said...

You are funny people. I'm glad he's okay. What a sweet kid (from a distance... online... without poopy diapers)... just the kind of kid I want :)