Saturday, October 09, 2004

Home is where the deer mural is.

If Aiden's a good boy, he could end up with his very own room in this house on Union St. In the finished basement is a wallpaper mural of deer in the woods! We made an offer on it this afternoon, and we should know more by 9 tonight. And so, Christine and I make another step toward adulthood. And we're only 34 years old!

Here's a panorama of the street.

There's an UPDATE to this saga; read the comments for more.


Dave said...

Update: Well, as I said, we made an offer that was 93% of the asking price and specified a move-in date of January 3. The owner counteroffered by not changing her price at all, and specifying a move-in date of November 15!

So, Christine and I counteroffered with 95% of the asking price (actually the maximum we're comfortable paying) and a move-in date of November 15. And the owner countered with 100% of the asking price and move-in on December 7.

Sounds like she's pretty confident she'll get her asking price (and she might, really--it's only been on the market a couple days), and I imagine she's very attached to the place since she's leaving for a retirement home after living there for 35 years. But we can't afford to raise our price, so we're going to sit back and see what happens.

One thing in our favor: it's a buyer's market here because this is a University town and it's fall...the hot market is mid-spring semester, when people are leaving the area and new folks are moving in. The nice thing for us is we're not especially attached to the house, and we can keep looking for a while longer yet.

Perhaps I should send Aiden over to convince her that she should accept our offer.

Dave said...

Here's Aiden practicing his speech to the owner. I think it will be very effective.

Marjie said...

ummmmm, are those brass knuckles?? Toby was very amused by that picture!

Dave said...

Marjie: I asked about that, and Aiden says only that he hopes the lady doesn't suffer an unfortunate accident. He had no explanation for why his right hand looks so old.

Tell Toby that he should be careful not to learn from Aiden's irresponsible example that...accidents can solve problems. Bad boy, Aiden.

Marjie said...

Toby says: i love you


Marjie said...

Mom says: Toby composed that and typed it all by himself!

Anonymous said...

But how is this in Boston?



Dave said...

Becca: Well, if in a few years we're able to buy a house that's more expensive, and if we do this every few years, eventually we'll end up with a house that is worth enough for us to sell and move back to Boston. This one is a third as much to buy as it'd be in Boston, so you could say we're a third of the way home. Of course, we'd then be living in a house exactly like the first one we lived in in Iowa City. And we'd be 50.

Becca said...

Oh goody. Around then I'll be able to buy a house like that in Boston too. Maybe I should wait until I'm 45 to have kids?

Western Mass would be acceptable as well. Ok, I know there aren't amazing audiology jobs there... but friends moved there from Boston (to Greenfield) realizing that they could lose 1 full income of the two and still be better off... and now that's what they're doing, with 3 additions to the family!

Of course the advantage here is that I can say that some of my favorite people live in Iowa. That surely flies in the face of a few elitist/insular New England prejudices!

Dave said...

UPDATE: Well, this week we decided to submit another offer on this house, because it's been two weeks since we last offered, and we know no-one else has offered anything. Also, we just haven't seen anything better. So I figured we should renew our offer now so we're not competing with another offer.

Our offer was exactly the same as the last one we made, and this time the owner came back with 99% of her asking price. Sheesh. Don't do us any favors.

Anyway, we counter-offered with 97% of her asking price. Our agent told me today she seemed receptive, but here's the wrinkle: she needs to repair the roof, and if her insurance will pay for it she'll feel better about our offer. The adjuster has already looked at it once and said it doesn't need repair, but a roofer's told her it does need repair. Either way it's going to get done, but the adjuster and the roofer are going to meet tomorrow and try to come to a meeting of the minds. If the adjuster coughs up some scratch, perhaps it means we have a house. If not, we'll keep looking, and maybe we'll be making another offer on this one in 2 more weeks...and just maybe we'll go back to our original offer of 94%-of-asking. So there, stingy lady.

Dave said...

UPDATE: Oh, for God's sake. The adjustor a) arrived an hour late, then b) refused to climb up on the roof because by the time he'd arrived it was raining. Now, he's coming back on Monday, so we have to wait until then to find out if she'll accept our offer.

Dave said...

UPDATE: Our realtor negotiated an acceptance of our offer, contingent on the insurance company's ability to pay out the claim. On Monday, we'll know more about that. This protects us from competing offers over the weekend. I think there's a very good chance that this will work out for us, as the owner has had three roofers look the place over and all have said it needs replacement. Of course, we're including a clause that reserves our right to re-inspect the roof after the work is done.

In other words, if all goes according to plan, we have a house.