Tuesday, October 05, 2004

One day gone...

Reflections after the first day of Paternity Leave Month:

1. I'm overthinking the feeding thing. As a baby, Aiden likes to eat every so often. Since I don't have an ulimited supply of baby chow on hand, I'm tempted to conserve. Yesterday, I found I had just enough to get us through until Christine came home. So, when Aiden shows signs of being hungry, I attempt to wait as long as possible until he's somewhat desperate. But he just ate an hour ago!

2. This week, the poop changed from easily manageable with 2 wipes to requiring full hazmat gear, an EPA Superfund designation, and a capsule to shoot the result into space. How nice, just in time for me to enjoy it. Thanks, Aiden!

3. How am I supposed to keep a baby happy and do laundry and dishes at the same time? Well, the answer to this question is: get up at 4:30 a.m. before he does. That's what I did this morning (although not intentionally), and it worked like a charm.

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Scott, Nik and the Kids said...

Davy, You are so damn funny. You should really think about writing a book one day. You have the gift. Aiden is very cute. It is great to see you guys having this much fun. And to think you were nervous about becoming a dad. I wish we had done something (Blog) like this for us. I may start one up to keep in contact with the family while on the other side of the planet. Keep the blog going. It will be awesome to look at and show Aiden years from now. I hope to see you this January.