Saturday, November 20, 2004

Baby's first paycheck

One thing we're learning: it's important for baby to contribute to the family's revenue stream. Putting your child to work early can mean the difference between a 19" Broksonic and a 40" plasma. So, we told Aiden to get out there and get a job.

Fortunately, in a university town there is no shortage of scientists willing to pay big money to babies so they can be poked and prodded. Aiden's enrolled in a study that is trying to sort out how babies learn language. Once a month he goes in and looks at videos of a woman going "Aaaaah!" and "Eeee!" while he sits on my lap and we're videotaped. I wear blackout glasses so I can't influence his responses. That doesn't stop me from giggling at the sounds of the video and Aiden's conversation with it.

Then, he talks to a researcher for a while (who, by the way, was very surprised that a three-month old could talk so much). It turns out that Aiden is something of a flirt.

Finally, another person put some earplugs attached to a machine into his ears to measure the mobility of his eardrum. For this, Aiden receives $20, and over the course of the study will end up a millionaire by age 4,167.Posted by Hello

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