Monday, November 08, 2004

The new house

Well, not new. Built in 1964, this ranch house with nearly 1200 square feet is well maintained...right down to it's original furnace. That's the worst of it (and that furnace looks really clean and well-maintained too, so maybe it'll last a bit longer). Can you imagine a new furnace lasting 40 years?

The building is sound, there are no leaks, the roof's been reshingled and the sheathing is in great shape, as is the foundation. So, I think it's safe to go inside after we park the car in the attached garage.

Let's go inside.

It's not huge, but it's a living room. By the way the furniture isn't ours. That goes with the owner.

Behind us is the hallway, leading to the bedrooms.

This crazy looking picture shows the 2 bedrooms in the front of the house, the bedroom in the back, and the bathroom. Aiden's room is on the left. Ours is on the right.

Back up the hallway, to the kitchen.

There's an icemaker in that fridge. Yessir, we're moving on up to that dee-lux apartment in the sky.

Turn around, and there's a breakfast nook.

Here is nearly the only thing I would change about the house itself...I'd knock a hole in the wall into the living room. Maybe a passthrough. Too bad that's a bearing wall, or I might tackle it myself.

Straight ahead and to the left is a door to the backyard.

I want to make some changes here...block out some of the neighbors a bit with a hedge of some sort. We'll see. Depends on how well that furnace treats us.

Behind us is a stairway leading into blackness. Wonder where it'll take us!

Here's a quick quiz. Are Christine and Aiden in...

A) ...the forest, enjoying nature in all it's splendor? Or,
B) ...the basement, enjoying tasteful wallpaper in all it's splendor?

If you said A, well who could blame you. So lifelike! Be careful, Christine! Deer are wild animals, and should be treated with respect.

Whew! That was close. Let's turn around to look at the rest of the basement.

Off to the right are some unfinished rooms containing the washer and dryer, and that vintage (but well-kept) furnace that's preying on my mind a bit. I didn't take a picture of that, because it makes me nervous.

That's it. The tour is done! Closing is December 7, so I guess we'd better start packing. Anyone want to help us move?


Marjie said...

Congrats on your new home!!!! Looks wonderful! I 'll be happy to come and help move... I would definitely come and help if I could.

Thanks for the pictures you sent! Aiden's adorable! Do the Wonder-Tot shoes still fit? If so get some pix on here! Too cute!

Anonymous said...

Phew, I feel so much better now that I know where you will be parking that little great nephew of mine and oh yes his parents also....It looks great....what an exciting time. Sure wish I could "come on down" and help....what am I talking I don't but I do wish I could come visit....Enjoy Auntie Chuckles

~Kat said...

How exciting!!! I love the wood paneling in the basement... but not the deer wallpaper so much??

I can't believe you didn't tell me you were moving... wait... you don't know me.

It all makes sense now :)

Dave said...

beyourluv: You know, it was the deer mural that sold Christine. She has a fascination with over-the-top bad taste. I have this feeling that the deer mural is staying! For what it's worth, and it's not worth much, I think it's terrible. But funny.

Chuckles: Forget New England...Iowa awaits you!

Marjie: Aiden hasn't worn them yet (except to try them on)...we'll post a pic soon.

Dave said...

Marjie: in reading that last comment, I realize that it sounds like we don't like them. Rest assured, as soon as Aiden can walk, he's wearing them. They're kickin'.

Anonymous said...

Hey there Etler Family! I am so excited for you and your first house! It looks great! I cannot wait to see it with your custom furnishings. Well done! I hope Aiden is feeling better soon.

:0) Lisa Z. (Soon to be Lisa Z. Stille) I copied you Christine and decided to use "Zubrod" as a middle name too!