Sunday, November 21, 2004

New: visitor polls!

In our never-ending quest for information, we at have decided to start collecting info from you, our visitors. Thus, we inaugurate the first of our visitor polls--the Teething poll!

We've noticed that our son is constantly drooling. The reason we noticed is because we almost drowned. It's way too early for teething, according to the books, but our son seems so brilliant in other ways that perhaps his overachieving extends to his toothbuds as well. So please take a moment to take our poll, located on the right side of the page in the white box. We'll leave each poll up for at least a week.

Thanks for your help!


Frank said...

Ben (4 Months old, but 2 weeks early, as opposed to Aiden at 1 week late) is doing the same thing. He gnaws on his hands all the time, and seems to go through manic mood swings. He was sleeping through the night (11 hours at one point!), and now needs comforting at about 2:00 AM. Apparently, the signs of teething can start months before the first tooth breaks through. Looks like we're in for a great time!

-Frank, Steph and Ben

Dave said...

Hmm...maybe that's why he's going crazy lately. What you describe is just like Aiden. The mood swings, especially. Sometimes, Aiden cries while smiling--he's "scryling." Of course, I think he saves his worst moods for me. Christine gets a little, too, but not as much as me.