Monday, November 08, 2004


So, today...yeah. Aiden was a little crab. It didn't help that I fed him 4 oz. of sour milk. How do I know it was spoiled? Well, he didn't suck it down with his usual gusto, so I tasted it towards the end. Yum. Lots of screaming after that. I think he used to be easier . . . .

I decided to try driving around for a while, and he was quieter, as long as you look at things on a galactic scale. But eventually he fell asleep. A quick stop at the bank, then we went to see mommy and her co-workers. Aiden was all sweetness and light for mommy. Everyone marvelled at how sweet he is.

We all went to our new house for the inspection, where Aiden continued to show how easy he is to get along with. A couple hours later Mommy was back at work, and the guys were back home, where within a half hour someone (I won't mention any names) had a diaper blowout. All oner Daddy's hand and Aiden's chair.

I managed to get Aiden's clothes off without smearing poop on his head, but not without smearing poop on everything else. Screaming, screaming, screaming...laundry, laundry, laundry...screaming. Sleepin--no, wait, screaming. Oh, and Mommy just called to say she missed the bus.

Babies are fun!


Anonymous said...

Ha! And wasn't just that you were concerned with having happen before the cutie was born? See you handled it Dad.

Marjie said...

Just be happy you werent in some public place and poop smeared all over YOU. (Note: keep spare clothes in the trunk of the car- and I dont necessarily mean just for the baby!)

Then just wait for the barf! I don't know about Aiden, but Toby had serious projectile dysfunction. Last summer we were out looking at apartments and while insoecting one, Sophie spewed everywhere- all over the apartment model and mommy. Give me poop anyday.

~Kat said...

Poor Dad.