Monday, December 20, 2004

Graphic Design of the Living Dead

Aiden has been growing. This means we need a new carseat. We were considering purchasing the Britax Roundabout...until we ran across the illustration on the left. From the looks of things, the Britax Roundabout is only suitable for baby vampires. Little Nosferatu, here, is happily contemplating how he will suck the lifeblood from the other children on the playground at PS 666. By contrast, we have baby Aiden, angelic in every respect (except for the contents of his diaper, and the slight red glow in his eyes).

I guess we'll not purchase the Bitrax Roundabout until we discover for sure that our boy is a member of the undead. Posted by Hello


~Kat said...

Hilarious! The picture also makes it seem that if your baby grows too tall, the carseat might cut his head off! Beware!

Frank said...

We are fairly convinced that Ben is not a member of the undead baby club... that said, we just purchased two Britax Marathons. I think that the Marathon is a little bigger, and can accomodate both live, and undead babies.


marjie said...

Sophie has a Britax.... it seems to be very comfortable. Toby has a Alpha Omega ... also excellent. Good thing, too, as it hold kids up to 80 lbs., and he and Aiden need that having the Etler genes.

Anonymous said...

Christine tells me that while the Alpha Omega was okay up to 40 lbs, it didn't perform as well for kids up to 80 lbs. So we kind of ruled that one out. I don't know, it's all so crazy. The one feature I'd like in a car seat is the ability to rotate it towards the doors for loading and unloading, then rotate it back and lock it down for driving. Let's tell the world.  

Posted by Dave

Anonymous said...

that is a funny picture. Are you sure the lines are stitches? Great looking baby! 

Posted by Roy

Anonymous said...

Oh, I forgot to cite Christine's source for her last comment: it was Consumer Reports.  

Posted by Dave