Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Little known fact: babies come with detachable feet.

On a side note, I've been sick with a stomach bug for the last 24 hours, so I have been carefully keeping away from Aiden (a little spit-up is tolerable...projectile vomiting is less so). We are all fervently hopeful that Aiden did not share my germs. But what are the chances? Everyone who reads this: send immune-boosting thoughts.


Frank said...

Feel better man... that sucks. Let's hope Aiden gave you the bug, and not the other way.

Becca said...

Ok, I actually remember doing that with my feet when I was in my crib. Also, sticking them in my mouth.

Dave, I hope you're feeling better. Good news: if your rock-star-initials son gets sick, it will in fact boost his immune system!
That wasn't comforting, was it.


Dave said...

Becca: I think that he should wait for his immune-boosting illness for next weekend, after we move.

And for the good news--Christine is now sick. This is going to be one fun move...

Anonymous said...

Hello David,
Go ahead and make your baby sick, he'll get you back one hundred times over as soon as he starts going to school!

Dave said...

Glenn: I haven't yet ruled out that he made me sick...but I do know that I've had so many colds this winter since he started daycare that my white blood cells hurt.