Monday, December 13, 2004

Moving Day

The move went very well yesterday. Aiden is in his new house! We tried explaining to him that it's not really his house, that the bank owns it, but he wouldn't listen.

Shown here are Casey and Cory, friends from work who I hired to do the heavy lifting. Although we got everything moved in 5 and a half hours, they complained the whole time about how I wasn't doing anything. But in the end Aiden told 'em to shut their pie holes and get back to work, or he'd turn them over to immigra├žion. Posted by Hello


~Kat said...

Cute!! Single?

Dave said...

Very! Look out ladies! Can you keep up with a man who can drink you under the table because that's literally all he does? Do you want a man who enjoys breasts like no other? Are you looking for a man who welcomes your attempts to change him? If so, then any of these three hotties could be the man for you!*

*Your mileage may vary. Restrictions apply on some models.