Saturday, January 01, 2005

I wouldn't call it crawling yet...

Aizay can get pretty far on his own. He moves by squirming and slithering like a snake. It's too bad this isn't video; then you could see the way his butt goes up and down in the air as he goes along. He got to the gift bag from the playmat in about 10 minutes. He did make a pit stop when he was half-way there to play with his vinyl baby book. He brought it with him all the way to the gift bag by pushing it in front of him. You can just see the book to his left in the right frame of the picture.
-Christine Posted by Hello

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Anonymous said...

WTG....sounds like crawling to will be amazed, once he realizes that he is getting from point A to point B, how fast he will be able to move. Can't believe how fast they grow.... Auntie Chuckles