Friday, January 07, 2005

A temper?! Impossible!

Look at that face. Would you believe that Lori, his daycare provider, wanted to know, "So, who does he get his temper from?" The answer, of course, is Christine. Let me tell you something, if you happen to be any sort of home appliance or out! Christine will yell at you out big time. Aizay doesn't curse, but sometimes if you listen closely, you can almost hear in his voice all the characters that sit above the numbers on your keyboard.

It's been several days since I posted (sorry Mom), but it snowed, and there was shoveling, and we were also busy with...well, I can't remember what. Something to do with a certain nearly-5-month-old. Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

That sweet thing has a temper????? never!!!! Well Aizay, I don't think your Grandma noticed because they are hiking all over Joshua Tree Park...or maybe sliding....they have had a lot of rain...BUT...I noticed....Auntie Chuckles noticed!!!!...what a cutie...Cousin Sydney had her first sleep over with Oma last night....all by herself....such a big mommie and daddy, ooops I meant Sydney. How about sharing some snow with me? Auntie Chuckles

Anonymous said...

That is very big of them. You must've had lots of fun. Oh, by the way, I think you should start signing your comments "Great Auntie Chuckles". You know, just for the sake of full disclosure :).

Does Sydney call you Oma?  

Posted by Dave

Anonymous said...

For now that seems to be what it is....but lots of names are being tried....Lots of times I am just mama....Hugs and kisses to Aizay...Great Auntie Chuckles