Monday, February 21, 2005


Our top story tonight, a daring jailbreak at the Union Road Minimum Security Facility. We have exclusive amazing security camera footage showing the breakout in progress. Let's watch.

Here we see prisoner Aizay, as he examined the 6-inch tall barrier that prison architects thought would prevent the escape of any 6-month old prisoner. Investigators determined that the guard was at this point engaged in not doing the dishes, and didn't see the prisoner make a break for it.

The desparate prisoner then began to scale the wall, while the guard was busy not doing the laundry.

Teetering dangerously at the top of the precipice, the prisoner began to contemplate the risk he was taking. The guard, meanwhile, claimed he was preoccupied with his important duties--surfing ebay for a headboard for his bed.

As he sat uncertainly at the top of the security barrier, Aizay considered what would be his fate should he make a single misstep. But when Prisoner Aizay felt more secure, he powered forward in a desparate bid for freedom.

Disaster! The prisoner lost his footing and fell down the other side of the wall, plummeting six inches to his mild annoyance. At this point, the guard realized that something was amiss, and began searching his security screens for the missing prisoner.

But it was too late. At last, the prisoner was past the barrier, and under cover of...erm, lightness, made his way to freedom.

Fortunately, the prisoner was subsequently recaptured after a short search of the surrounding area, and was returned to his cell. Prison officials vow to double their security efforts to prevent future escapes. The guard has been placed on administrative leave, pending the outcome of the investigation.

Friday, February 18, 2005

When sweet potatos attack.

Christine let Aizay feed himself tonight. Posted by Hello

Duet in ZZZ major

Well, I'm jealous. I'm not sure of whom, though. Posted by Hello

Looks like someone got up on the wrong side of the crib.  Posted by Hello

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Sleep troubles

As I lay in bed at 5:45 this morning, and as Christine was getting ready for work, Aizay began yelling angrily for release from his mattressey cage. Of course, 5:45 is not a civilized hour, so I let him yell for 45 minutes. That's right, people, 45 minutes. I'm not ashamed...kid's gotta learn some time that we're not gonna just leap to his aid whenever he's bored. Plus, for the previous two nights he kept us up with his unreasoning caterwauling. I was not in the mood. And if any of you are proponents of attachment parenting, or some other paradigm that causes you to rush to your child the minute he or she makes an unhappy sound...well, good luck with all that.

Ahem. Anyway, as you may already have guessed, this strategy worked not at all, and finally at around 6:20 we got up. I put Aizay in his highchair and began fixing which time he promptly fell asleep. *Sigh* Posted by Hello

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Warning: Keep hands and feet away from blades.

Introducing Aizay's new teeth: on the left, Captain Gnaw and on the right, the sidekick, The Chiseler. Posted by Hello

Reduplicative Canonical Babble!

So, yesterday, Dave and Aizay are talking-and up to this point, by talking I mean Dave makes different sounds, like simple syllables or vowels or imitations of Aizay's grunts, and then Aizay blows raspberries, then Dave makes another sound, then Aizay makes more raspberries or a squeal, and then back to Dave etc...Yesterday, I wasn't paying attention and Dave yells out, "He said 'baa'! Did you hear it?" I didn't hear it so I come over and Dave tries to get him to do it again. At this point, Aizay looks a little bewildered wondering why we are both all up in his face looking excited. Dave proceeds to say "bababa" and Aizay, looking like he has a little stage fright, does nothing. Dave says "bababa" again and then Aizay, still looking at me quizzically, tentatively moves his mouth as if he is saying "bababa" but he makes no sound. I get very excited anyway and Dave and I shout and celebrate and finally Aizay smiles. As I look back, I realize he must have thought we were nuts. Dave then says "bababa" again and this time Aizay says it back. It's obviously a little difficult for him to do-he curls his bottom lip in all tense (there's a little bit of voiced labial-bottom chin fricative thrown into the voiced bilabial stop). Again, we celebrate, this time with a little more excuberance. Aizay is obviously very pleased with getting this reaction from us, so he continues saying "bababa".

As the day goes by, he occasionally practices his "bababa"s and he quickly progresses from the labored "baa"s of his first performance to "baa"s produced with greater ease. Meanwhile, every chance I get, I get in close to his face and say, "mamama". I want more sounds! Well, by the end of the night, he was saying "mamama" too!

As parents, we are very pleased that Aizay is fulfilling his duties as a baby. We keep reminding him that this is his job right now-to develop his basic motor and language skills. If he continues to do well, he can climb the ladder of success and move on to more challenging jobs like feeding himself, walking, talking in complete sentences, and potty training. Then the sky's the limit. He can eventually get fulfilling positions in kindergarten and elementary school, thus contributing to our family's financial needs by reducing our childcare costs...


Saturday, February 05, 2005

Meet the Family, Part II

Here's Aizay and grandma, getting in some quality time while cousin Jeremy looks on. I gotta tell you, Jeremy and his brother Jonah were so enthusiastic and happy to see our kid, you'd have thought Beyoncé had come to visit. I wish I'd gotten a picture of when we first walked in the door, but my brother and his family and grandma and great-grandma swarmed the kid from our arms, pushed my wife and I into a snowbank, and shut the front door while my father looked on. I think we should visit more often.

Cousin Jonah and Aizay took a bath together. This is probably the first in a long line of what I hope will be embarrassing bath pictures.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Click on photo for closer look at the snot bubble

At any one time in the last two weeks, at least one of the three of us has been sick. So, y'all will just have to excuse our lack of posting. Dave went to the doctor last week and I am planning on seeing the doctor today. Aizay had a fever for a few days. We spoke to his Peds office when his fever started but haven't gone in. Yesterday afternoon, his fever broke and he decided to be his lively,playful, happy self. He also slept better last night. We''ll see how he is when he wakes up this morning. He'll go to the doctor too if his fever is back.

Oh, and BTW, you can't see it in this picture, but Aizay has two teeth!

-Christine Posted by Hello