Saturday, July 16, 2005

His eyes might be roughly the same size, but he and Sploshy have something in common after all.

Aizay is enjoying the new pool, which we had designed for him by famed landscape architect Rob Ermaide. It was expensive to hire such a leading light, but well worth it, I think you'll agree. Right after this picture was taken, we had to sedate Aizay because he'd short-circuited the pleasure center of his brain. Posted by Picasa


Frank said...

Dave! Your kid makes the same wacky facial expressions that you do! Happy 11 month-day Aizay!

Anonymous said...

Davey does make those wacky facial expressions but you can't deny both dudes are very cute!


Posted by Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Yes but does Davey wear pink shirts.....Aizay can pull it off
What a cute cute happy kid....
Auntie Chuckles