Wednesday, July 06, 2005

On the other hand, it really depends on the lips. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Hahaha! This one had me laughing hard! Maybe it wasn't you lips, Davey, but just a bad Cheerio.


Posted by Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Wow, it doesn't take long at all for someone to post a comment on your blog. Take a look at my blog and notice that I have only about 5 comments total. I guess I need plant my seed in Nicole again and have another kid. The novelty of my kids has worn off. 

Posted by Scott

Anonymous said...

Ewww. Thanks a lot. 

Posted by Dave

Anonymous said...

HI Scott,

Thanks for grossing Davey out. I am sure your mom would love another grandbaby. Go for it!

I tried writing in your blog last week, but it wanted my user ID and password which I have forgotten already. So I wasnt able to at the time, and didnt feel like going through the hassle.

Took my blog off because 1. Hardly anyone commented it in, unless I lit TNT to their butts. 2. Someone made a point to me about a certain someone's reaction seeing their kids on a public blog. So maybe i have to do something else and work around that. My kids are adorable!

So are yours, even at their ripe old ages. And don't listen to Dave when he says "uglier" because he is just jealous that he has been unable to find a cloned couple of himself and 'stine.

If you didnt see the old blog site, then I ll send you pics. Just let me know.