Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Aizay fait sa toilette

Aizay loves brushing his teeth with his new baby toothbrush. He can do it himself! He cries when I take it away...Can anyone guess what he is holding in his right hand?

In other news, Aizay said "mama" Sunday and meant it. He was prostrate on the floor wallowing in abject desperation because I was actually leaving the room. That proved very motivating to him. And, of course, he got what he wanted because I went right to him when he called me "mama".



Anonymous said...

Well I thought I would say something because I actually know you guys.

This pic is so cute! Just be careful that he doesnt get into whats inside that box and then you'll have a very embarrassing mess!


Martha said...

Is that a home pregnancy test? What do I win? Anew niece or nephew?