Sunday, October 09, 2005

Aizay hates comment spam

I've turned on Blogger's anti-spam feature, which means you have to enter a random series of letters into a special field after you've entered your comments. As much as Aizay will one day enjoy reading about herbal viagra and "shakespere fishing rods", I think we can all do without.


Melissa said...

Davey Thomas,

Got your e-mail address from Kirstie, trying to send you e-mail, but keeps getting rejected as "recipient doesn't like sender".....Think it is kicking me out as spam....And I really don't even closely resemble spam. I am definitely not cube shaped, and only have a pinkish hue on a good day! Send me an e-mail, so I know how to get through!! Love, Mel 

Posted by Melissa "Beck" Buzzard

D.E.G. said...

DAVE! Be prepared for the influx of Mary Lyoners. Kirstie has found you and there is no escape......

Can I just say you and Christine have the cutest baby? No really, you do......Melissa in no way shape or form resembles a cube. She's a bit rounder than that actually - ask her why!!
Well, I've popped my blog cherry (this is one, right?) in the hopes of seeing how you're doing and to see your wee one. And to say hi to Christine even tho I've never met her.....hope all is well! Love, big D 

Posted by Denise Grenier "Nelson to Be"

martha said...

"Spam, Spam, Spam Spam, Spam, eggs, sausage and Spam. 

Posted by Martha