Thursday, October 06, 2005

The freakishly long Etler torso

I think Aizay has an extra vertebrae like his father. Although Dave denies that his spine is heteromorphic...Perhaps he will grow up to surpass his grandfather as the "world's tallest midget"...Although, when Dave's dad says that, I think he technically means dwarf. Of the little people, aren't midgets well-proportioned and dwarfs oddly proportioned (or "differently proportioned" to say it more sensitively)?



Anonymous said...

Yes that is true...... some Etler offspring have the Torso Traits. I should send pictures of my kids.... who no doubt qualify.... especially Sophie. When I tell people that she is just 3 yrs old, they do a double take, she is so tall. She's going to take after her beautiful Aunt Peggy! I hope!


Posted by Anonymous

Anonymous said...

As a dwarf-enthusiast (I'm also a lover of conjoined twins), I wanted to let you know that you're right, Christine. Midgets are well-proportioned and not very prevalent anymore thanks to the miracle of growth hormones.


Anonymous said...

I did not know that, Brittan. Thank you. 

Posted by Dave