Sunday, October 30, 2005

Here is Aizay playing and in the corner is a photo of baby Davey. Besides baby Davey's strange anti-halo, he and Aizay do not look completely unalike.

The picture I wish I had taken yesterday: Aizay discovered that under the wood chips at the playground, there is dirt. Once he found it, he began to fling it in the air like confetti while squealing with delight.

This morning I discovered that Aizay can write already! I found his letter to Santa...

Dear Santa (and those who hold lucrative sinecures while spending their days browsing in hopes of new posts),

I would like any track set or single train car from Brio or Thomas and Friends wooden railways. I think my Mommy and Daddy are getting me a Thomas starter set. (But Brio and Thomas tracks fit together and both take the others' trains so I can use additional pieces from either brand.) Oh yeah, and I also want this for our basement. I need somewhere to play in the winter and those kids at the mall play area are nasty. There was this one girl yesterday who pushed me to the ground 3 times, just cause I wanted to touch the spinny wheel thingy. No lie. And I know my mommy really wants this because I keep trying to get out of the stroller...You know I am a really good boy, Santa, because I like to eat veggies.

Aiden Xavier

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Anonymous said...

Dear Santa...Aizay is so darn cute, get him anything he you hear me? Anything! Santa, Aizay did not list any other thing he might want for Christmas...I know he is this incredibly unselfish kiddo and probably doesn't want much more, but maybe he could expound...
Auntie Chuckles