Sunday, October 16, 2005

The Messy Eating Retrospective

Once I knew I would be posting the second messy eating picture in one week, I decided to look back at 9 months of eating pictures. As for the latest entry, Aizay broke into a bag of Hershey's chocolate nuggets and bit through the wrapper so he could eat one. Then he spit out the wrapper bite and kept on going. That's when we sat him in his highchair so he wouldn't spread chocolate everywhere. He kept on "eating" that one nugget but it looks like 80% of it ended up on his face.


~Kat said...

That's.... quite impressive. 

Posted by ~Kat

Anonymous said...

Aizay is in the 99th percentile of messy face, no doubt!


martha said...

emleyidyWhen the page loaded and suddenly appeared in my face, I thought it was a bloody Halloween picture. Scary.  

Posted by Martha

Anonymous said...

Dave has looked like that after a lunch at Bueno y Sanyo. Like father, like son.

Hello Dave et al.