Thursday, October 13, 2005

Next: Buffalo Wings

This is Aizay's saag face. Tonight for dinner, he had spicy vegetable curry and saag paneer. They were both a hit. (Aayesha, I think the saag paneer he had in utero gave him a taste for the stuff. Remember, never deny a pregnant woman spinach!)


p.s. Aizay is in the 25%ile for weight and the 85%ile for head circumference. We generally don't think his head looks that big. When I opened this photo I thought, oh yeah, his head is big. Not that big, but big. What do you think?


Dave said...

This picture was taken moments after the firecracker at the bottom of his bowl of saag went off. 

Posted by Dave

Anonymous said...

Aizay is adorable with/without all the saag paneer! His head had to be large to hold all the stuff he inherited from your brains!