Friday, November 25, 2005

desultory pictures and remarks from the last week

Here's another post stitches picture and a few pre-stitches that I am just getting around to putting up.

But first, a list of random things Aizay has done lately:
1. I caught him pretending his shoe was a telephone and talking into it.
2. Dave showed Aizay a picture of himself and asked him who it was. Dave answered for him, "It's you" while pointing at Aizay and then Aizay pointed at himself. This was Aizay's first self-point!
3. Aizay and I were walking outside and I forgot his mittens. The temperature was below freezing. After a few minutes, Aizay stopped in his tracks, waved his hands around and jabbered emphatically at me. I think he was saying, "What the hell were you thinking, forgetting my mittens?!"

And one random thing Dave did:
We have been on vacation at home and Davey has been very handy-man-ish. I really do appreciate the productivity, but...The other night at 10pm, while Aizay was asleep across the hall 4 feet away, Dave decided to remove the bedroom door from its hinges. (He has been planing down the tops of some of the doors because they were sticking.) I hear the racket down the hall and I call out, "What the hell are you doing?" Now, this is the funny part-Dave decides to answer me with a whisper so as not to bother Aizay!

Now, onto the pictures...

Dave didn't post this, originally, because it was too blurry. But it's so good; just imagine it is not blurry.

What a heartthrob!

When we leave Aizay to his own devices, he often retires to his room for a little reading...

Aizay is very proud of the 1 pound he gained in the last three months, the 1 pound which has given him a cute toddler pot belly...

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