Saturday, July 30, 2005

Who needs her, anyway?

So, this morning, Christine got on a plane for sunny California to attend a conference on cochlear implants. The organizers of this conference seem to think that the field is so vast and complex and weighty, the only way they can have a conference on it is if they make single parents out of the audiologists' spouses for six whole days. So:

Single father week begins.

The very first thing we did was go to the mall and visit the playground. I figured I'll get him tired so that Daddy can have some TV time. Worked like a charm. Now all I have to do is watch the tube. When he wakes up in 2 hours (hopefully), we'll go to the grocery store and pick up some paper plates, plastic cups and forks,and lots of frozen pizzas, and we should be all set. Not much of a plan, I know, but the weekend is still young.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Two firsts today!

First: Aizay can discriminate between my mouth, chin and nose. He puts his index finger directly on the body part in question so I know definitively that he knows what he is doing. This morning, he performed with 100% accuracy over several randomly presented trials.

Second: Aizay actually said "bitch" this morning instead of the regular "bish". I made sure to keep my reaction to myself. I don't want him to understand that the utterance has meaning.


Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Guess he likes seafood

Yesterday marked a momentous occasion. Okay, in the grand scheme of things, I guess it was just an occasion, but we thought it was pretty cool. Aizay said his first word: "fish". He said it during his research appointment, and they video everything. They gave us a DVD of it, from which we ripped the audio. Listen for it at 13 seconds.

Judging by his reaction to our reaction, he'll probably never say "fish" again.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

His eyes might be roughly the same size, but he and Sploshy have something in common after all.

Aizay is enjoying the new pool, which we had designed for him by famed landscape architect Rob Ermaide. It was expensive to hire such a leading light, but well worth it, I think you'll agree. Right after this picture was taken, we had to sedate Aizay because he'd short-circuited the pleasure center of his brain. Posted by Picasa

Aizay at the playground.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

It's like being at home, with more mosquitoes.

Last week, Aizay, Christine and I went camping with his grandparents. It was also a week of developmental milestones--pointing, waving bye-bye, and definite first steps were all tacked on to his repertoire.

Aizay and Grandpa are watching Wimbeldon in the RV. Posted by Picasa

Here's Aizay getting a ride through downtown Rockport on his trusty steed. Unfortunately, after only a few minutes, his steed experienced some hip pain. Posted by Picasa

Here's Grandma using her superpowers to trick Aizay into giving her a kiss. If this were a better picture, you could see the cheerio between her lips. Aizay can't resist a good cheerio. Posted by Picasa

On the other hand, it really depends on the lips. Posted by Picasa