Wednesday, January 04, 2006

First swear-word.

While stressing out about something or other last night, I uttered the phrase "Sh*t, sh*t, sh*t." Aizay immediately replied, "Shi, shi, shi." That's my boy.

Let's see if I can make a comprehensive list of other words he's said so far:

  • Fish ("fish")
  • No ("no." Proficiency is very high)
  • Yes ("sss." VERY RARE)
  • Please ("pss")
  • Ball ("baw")
  • Bubble ("buh buh", often truncated to "buh" with laughter)
  • Daddy ("Da-ee" or "Dai")
  • Mama ("Mama." Also used with a pointed finger to indicate want--the more "ma's" used, the greater the desire or impatience)
  • Baby ("bay")
  • Book ("bu." Pronouced with a very short duration, similar to the actual word.)
  • Yeah ("yeah", only in imitation so far, after Daddy says, "Yeah, yeah, yeah." Usually accompanied by laughter)
  • Hi ("hi")
  • Bye ("hi") (yes, "hi" and "bye" use the same pronunciation)
  • Star ("dah")

UPDATE: Dave forgot two of Aizay's most frequently used words:

Diaper ("dishe", rhymes with "dice") and Shoe (pronounced with a vowel we don't have in English. It's like the beginning of shirt before the r sound starts)

Aizay rarely calls me mama but mama is in frequent use. We have deduced that the phrase "mama mway" means I want milk/water. And "mama mama mama mway" means I want milk/water NOW!

Aizay sometimes says "Bye bye Daddy" with no consonants. Really, just say the phrase with just the vowels. Dave doesn't believe my interpretation of this.


This post brought to you by Aizay's favorite speech sound: SH.

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