Monday, January 02, 2006

We need a vacation.

Between Christmas and New Year's day, we made a pilgrimage back east to see the families. Here are some photos we posted from the road, re-organized for your viewing pleasure.

Christmas at grandma & grandpa's. Aizay had a great time ripping the paper off the presents. And Grandma and Grandpa had fun playing with Aizay. I did notice that not once did they offer to change a poopy diaper, however. Of course, I wasn't exactly volunteering for that duty, either...

We visited the Boston's Children's Museum. Here, Aizay is enjoying some giant magnetized letters, and preparing to strike any child that tries to have fun, too.

Auntie Joan! (I've no idea why this picture is so small. Nothing personal, Joanie.

On the way home from Midway, we stopped at Ikea. Aizay agrees that Ikea rocks!

Exhausted from his shopping experience, Aizay is enjoying a video during the ride home.

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Anonymous said...

Wait a minute. I changed a pretty full diaper when Aizay grandpa and I had the day together. However, I do admit that when you guys were here I had no problem letting you change the little fellow.