Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Is 19 months old too young for his own phone?

When mama was away for work two weeks ago, I called her in Arizona and spoke to her for 8 minutes straight. The things I like to say most are "hi" and "no" but we talked about other things too. Since then, I have been talking on the phone a lot. I particularly like talking to my grandma.

If you call me, maybe you'll hear some of my new words like [ha] for "hot", [che] for "cheez-its" (which I absolutely love-and it has to be the name-brand for me), [chi] for "chicken", [see] for "see ya", [k]* or [k-k] (no vowel pronounced) for "cookie" and [ish], my all-purpose deictic word translating roughly to "that thing there". My parents' favorite new word is "banana" which I say by wildly flapping my tongue in and out of my mouth. It ends up sounding something like [abla] or [blabla]. I can also make the signs for "milk" and "eat" but you can't hear those on the phone...

*[k] is a homonym and can also mean "kirk" as in Captain James T. Kirk.

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