Sunday, April 30, 2006

Our narcissistic son

Aizay loves to look at his reflection in our black kitchen appliances. He likes to walk by slowly and sneak glances at his sullen expression as if he is practicing for the catwalk. He also likes to check himself out when he is dancing. He also puts his grimey fingers all over the black surface so we can be slightly embarrassed at posting these photos...

In these photos, the music he was dancing to was "Go" by Moby. Aizay definitely prefers Moby to Madonna. He wouldn't let me play any Madonna, in fact, he wouldn't let me change the song at all. We listened to 6 different remixes of "Go", only four of which met with his approval.

The second photo gives you an idea of how good a mirror our kitchen appliances can be. Plus, it is a cool photo. The first photo is simply my boy dancing with his doppelganger. And didn't you know it's super cool to let your diaper hang all out of your jeans?

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