Thursday, May 04, 2006

30 minutes into Aizay's quiet reading time

We are training our dog teaching our child how to sleep in this pet tent. I have decided play yards are fine for setting up in one spot so your baby can play in them but as a travel bed they are a vile 28.5 pound menace. There are some folding "travel cribs" that are 21 pounds but that is still not good enough for me when I am walking through the airport...

Aizay loves his tent! When we first put it in his crib, he read and played in it for at least 45 minutes. We kept offering to take him out but he wouldn't have it. And when it was time for his nap, he slept well in it. We are having him sleep in it with the top open. Then we will progress to the top closed. And finally, we will put the tent on the floor and have him nap in it there. Inside the tent, we put a couple of pillows and a folded up blanket. He finds it comfy. If he was still a baby, I would probably just put a bassinet mattress in it.

(Diane, are you still afraid he is going to escape?) -Christine

p.s. check out these vintage sesame street clips

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