Thursday, May 18, 2006

Baby's first trip to an arena

Before I get to the point of this post, can someone tell me where my baby has gone? There is this little boy here instead...Aizay won tickets to see Sesame Street Live and he brought Sue, Celia and Mama with him. Here we are waiting for the fun to begin.

When the show started, Aizay pointed out Elmo and Big Bird to me. The show was quite the spectacle (although I couldn't get any non-blurry pictures). Aizay enjoyed himself. He laughed. He cried. He also clapped and smiled and danced and finally, he threw himself on the floor in a fit when he became overstimulated.

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Christine said...

A couple of people have commented that, in this picture, Aizay looks like a little person. I can see that resemblance.  

Posted by Christine