Wednesday, June 28, 2006

If I was Brittney Spears...

...this would be all over the media. Sunday morning I woke up before Aizay. I went downstairs and went online. I paid bills, surfed the internet, and shopped. Time flew by. Every once in a while I thought about Aizay and Dave. "Hhhhm, Aizay is sleeping late." Then, "Dave must have gotten Aizay up". And finally, "I don't hear anything upstairs." I went upstairs to investigate. Dave and Aizay were nowhere to be found. It was 3 hours after he usually wakes up, and Aizay was still asleep. I looked in on him and he was asleep in a pile of vomitus. I picked him up and seemingly to punish me, he vomited on me. Here he is after vomiting 3 times and prior to the final 2 vomits and subsequent diarrhea. Notice our vomit receptor (tupperware).


Anonymous said...

And now you're trying to punish us all with the details???


Dave said...

Hey, we're just sharing the misery. Be grateful we didn't post a photo of him lying in a puddle of sick. 

Posted by Dave