Monday, June 19, 2006

Run for your lives!

A capricious god, Aizay stares down at his creation (okay, the capricious god's father's creation), thinking of the destruction he will rain down upon the tiny mortals next. "Perhaps," he muses, "I will sit on them. Behold my comparatively massive buttocks--the buttocks of your god! They are the last you shall ever see!"

Our diminutive deity is making progress, though. These days he doesn't immediately tear his worlds apart to carry the pieces around his universe, dropping them as he goes and laughing with glee as his parents trip over them.

Rather, he quietly steps all over them as he moves from spot to spot, speaking in a language that might be Swahili or Tagalog with the occasional English word thrown in, only dismantling the pieces by accidentally tripping rather ungod-like over them or to get at a car that's become trapped in a tunnel.

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