Thursday, August 31, 2006

The potty, Joe and Steve

Christine here. Okay I was browsing the web and I found the story that accompanied this picture:

When Aizay saw it, he thought it was him. He pointed and said "Aizay! Aizay!" (He says the z now.) This device helps you "store" your child while you use a public restroom. Honestly, I think this is a great idea. The only thing that would have stopped me from using it is my fear of the judgement of others. If Aizay wasn't over the weight limit, I would think about getting it just for some fun around the house.

That get's me thinking of the potty...I have discovered this wonderful yet disturbing video that I hope will inspire Aizay:

Aizay loves Blues Clues and now he has learned that the infamous blue puppy herself uses the potty. But everytime I watch this video, I think, "poor Joe". I wonder what the guy's aspirations were when he decided to become an actor. What if he dreamed about being Robert DeNiro in Taxi Driver and this is what he got instead?

Does anyone know if Steve ever sang a potty song with Blue? Steve is much cooler than Joe. I bet if there is a Steve and Blue potty song, it rocks! Just like Steve rocks in real life:

If you don't know anything about Blues Clues, let me tell you that many of us agree that the show jumped the shark when Steve left to "go to college" and his little brother Joe moved in. I think Aizay prefers Steve too although it's hard to tell. We were out and about the other day and I told him, when we get home, we'll watch Blue's Clues. When we got in the car, he started yelling "Steve! Steve!". I guess he thought I was going to play the DVD for him. So what I did instead was I put in Steve's CD (I am guessing that Steve got kicked out of college because he barely knew how to count and he started drinking, shaved his head and joined a band). Aizay was very confused as I tried to explain to him that the music he was listening to was sung by Steve. I think he finally figured it out. On subsequent car trips, he began to request "Steve". Now it has gotten to the point that if I turn the radio on in the car, he thinks it's Steve. He thinks all rock music is performed by Steve! That makes Steve like some sort of rock superhero or something, right?

Here, finally, is the star of this blog, Aizay. He is engrossed by Blue's Clues (and our new foster cat, Jayda, is watching too).

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Be Bold

If he gets enough interest, Aizay may consider selling these posters...
To motivate yourself, see

Friday, August 18, 2006

"Let Aiday go!"

Aizay has turned two and with increasing age comes advanced abilities. Aizay has discovered that sentences are useful things. A few weeks ago he asked, "Where Elm[o]?" and that question resulted in his Elmo doll being quickly returned to his hands. I imagine, to him, that it seemed like a new superpower. Now he is making increasing demands and requests. "Where Mama go?", "Daddy wake" (while poking at Dave's face), "I want uppy.", "I want hugs" and finally the sentence above which he uttered while I was trying to hold him still for a picture. Since that wasn't my camera, I will post this picture instead. Here he is thinking about verb conjugation while hanging out at grandma and grandpa's house.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Proof, part IV

...last picture for today. Posted by Picasa

Proof, part III

...yet another outfit. Posted by Picasa

Proof, part II

Aizay and baby Hans...another outfit. Posted by Picasa

Proof, part I

He does wear other outfits. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, August 05, 2006

splish splash splish splosh

Here Aizay is enjoying the misty cool of the fountain in Iowa City's pedestrian mall. We had to hang out here because the playground equipment had a pile of dog poop on the stairs. Aizay did not realize he should be avoiding the poopy stairs and he repeatedly got upset when I directed him away from them.

Hit and Run

Aizay is founding T.A.D.D. (Toddlers Against Drunk Driving) because he is angry at the man who hit his mama's car. Good news: Aizay wasn't in the car, mama is fine, and the driver was apprehended after a comically short low-speed chase. Bad news: The car is totalled.

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Here's the story, although my memory is foggy. I was at a traffic light. When the light turned green I began to move forward. Then it is a blur. It's not like I have no memory of it, it's just that it is like remembering a dream. I remember random bits like hitting my head on the driver's window, thinking, "I am glad Aizay is not here", and nonsensically picking up CDs that had been strewn around the car. Anyway, the other driver, Harol, eventually got arrested. The whole story was pieced together by a couple of eyewitnesses who were sitting stopped at the red light that Harol drove through when he drove into me. And they also saw the guy desparately trying to get the car out of a ditch so he could flee. I didn't really notice that part as it was going on. By the time the arrest and everything was all over, I noticed the tow-truck driver, who was cleaning the debris off the road,found Harol's licence plate. So really, all that effort he put into fleeing was pointless from the start. This incident and arrest was logged on 8/5/06 at 6:50am