Friday, August 18, 2006

"Let Aiday go!"

Aizay has turned two and with increasing age comes advanced abilities. Aizay has discovered that sentences are useful things. A few weeks ago he asked, "Where Elm[o]?" and that question resulted in his Elmo doll being quickly returned to his hands. I imagine, to him, that it seemed like a new superpower. Now he is making increasing demands and requests. "Where Mama go?", "Daddy wake" (while poking at Dave's face), "I want uppy.", "I want hugs" and finally the sentence above which he uttered while I was trying to hold him still for a picture. Since that wasn't my camera, I will post this picture instead. Here he is thinking about verb conjugation while hanging out at grandma and grandpa's house.

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Christine said...

I forgot my favorite sentence of the week: "I want some beans." It was so well-formed and clear. I got very ferklempt and cried a little. (I admit I don't believe he gets the concept of "some"; he thinks it's part of the label-"some beans".)