Saturday, August 05, 2006

splish splash splish splosh

Here Aizay is enjoying the misty cool of the fountain in Iowa City's pedestrian mall. We had to hang out here because the playground equipment had a pile of dog poop on the stairs. Aizay did not realize he should be avoiding the poopy stairs and he repeatedly got upset when I directed him away from them.


Anonymous said...

Wardrobe change please.

Aizay looks cool and comfy in his stylin blue shirt and hawaian short, but we saw this same outfit on July 15th, July 11th and back in June.

I wonder if he's one of those tempermental artists who has to follow the same routine and wear the same clothes to be creative ;

J&D (joan & dennis)

Posted by Anonymous

Christine said...

He doesn't wear this outfit all the time, it is just a bizarre coincidence that he is wearing the outfit on the blog. I think I will take a picture of him every morning this week and then we will post a 5 to 6 day collage of outfits.