Sunday, January 07, 2007

Another year, another milestone...

Last night, as Aizay was having a tizzy fit about something or other, I said, "I love you". He replied, "I don't love you...anymore". As he said "anymore", he slowed down and looked shocked at himself as if he was felling guilty about what he just said. He was probably just realizing he could get in trouble for saying that. Dave is shocked that I didn't get offended. I was a little taken aback though. I smiled a little and thought, "I knew this day would come but this is much earlier than I expected. My boy is certainly advanced-at less than 2 and a half year's old, he is already learning how to push the right buttons". What I said was "I don't believe you. I think you do love me". And Aizay began to cry.

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Becca said...

How can there be no comments?
This is pure 'stine poetry. Thank you for improving things at large.