Sunday, February 25, 2007


I don't remember storms being so stressful when I was his age. Frozen pipes, spoiling food, roof damage and broken glass were not high on my list of problems back then.

The pieces of 1/4-inch thick ice fell from trees onto the house as the wind blew the branches around. Loud thuds, occasional pieces of ice ricocheting off the ground into the windows, and falling branches made Aizay's night that much cooler. Throw in some flashlights and a lack of television, and you've got a fine time.


Frank said...

Damn! I thought we had it bad out here a few weeks ago. Glad to hear that everybody's OK and the house is still standing.


Anonymous said...

Is that the fire hydrant in the distance that your father backed into? There should be black paint somewhere on it. My car is still being fixed.