Sunday, May 20, 2007

Help us choose a name.

Baby sister may be cute, but she's nothing without a name. Help Aizay choose!

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小徐(Kiethope) said...

Allen :)

Marjorie said...

None of the above!

Trixie is cute, but it reminds me of Trixie from "this guy's blog" you showed us when Aizay was born.

Becca said...

I'm flattered that you want to name your daughter after my queen.

I will not let this influence my voting, though. Moreover, any of these would be lovely despite kiethope's comment. Silly people!

Becca said...

Sorry, think I meant marjorie's comment.

stine said...

I have some personal insights into where these names came from...

Beatrix: variaton of Beatrice, like the Wentworth Beatrices; and Joan suggested it. And Dave likes Trixie for some reason I can't name. (Not realy after the Queen of the Netherlands.)

Coraline: After the protagonist of Neil Gaiman's children's book, _Coraline_.

Dorothea: After Christine's mother and Christine likes the nickname Dore (sounds like Door, who was a character in another Neil Gaiman book, _Neverwhere_.)

Eloise: After one of Christine's favorite songs, "Heloise" by the Quebecois group Me, Mom & Morgentaler (pronounced Eloise cause it's French).

Iris: We just like it & there's a cheezy song by Split Enz called "Iris"

Roselyn: After President Roslin from Battlestar Galactica. I didn't realize this until today so I guess it was subliminal.

Violet: No reason; we just like it.

karen McHugh said...

I just Love Dorothea, It is a classic. and also it can be up to date with the kids, as in DORA the explorer. that is my choice but I also love IRIS and Violet.
Best wishes, with whatever you name her, and I am so happy that Martha sent me the link, I can't believe how big Aizay is getting.
cousin Karen

Dave said...

Crikey, the Linskeys are really blowing up the curve, here. You guys are a regular voting bloc.

Marj said...

Allrighty, I voted from the official listing: Roselyn. But I like the full name, rather than "Rosie", though "Rose" is lovely too.

"Trixie" would be my second vote.

But unoffically, my vote goes to naming her after Grandmom Etler. I like that name, for some reason.

When I was pregnant with Sophie, her dad was insisting on the initials TM, after his, until I threatened to name her "Thistle Marigold". I kinda liked that.


stine said...

I like Thistle Marigold too.

Thistle said...

Awwwww. Go ahead and use that- I am sure Grandmom won't mind!!

Martha said...

My own criteria for choosing a promising baby name is how it sounds when it follows, "And the winner is", or "And the award goes to",(an anticipatory pause as you hear the sound of a rustling envelope being torn open, Example: Coraline Etler.

Followed by a plethora of applause and a standing ovation,of course.

Other meanderings and unsolicited thoughts:

Rosie: Unfortunately, it now makes me think of Rosie O'Donnell.

Roselyn: Reminds me of Jimmy Carter's wife.

Trixie: I heard somewhere, (maybe a movie) the name being used as a derogatory nickname for hookers,(because they call their customers tricks)"How's tricks?". First thought was Norton's nasally voiced wife in Jackie Gleason's 'The Honeymooners'. Otherwise I like it and I like Bea or 'B' for a nickname as well.

Dore and Coraline: Haven't read the books, but always liked Dot, Dotty or Dolly for a nickname and if Coraline gets shortened to
Cora that would bring back reminiscences of the Maxwell House commercial coffee lady who was played by the actress who portrayed the wicked witch of the west.

Iris. The eye or the flower?

Violet. Was there a violet in popeye? It might worry me that there may be a lot of other people taking the name. Isn't it Ben Affleck's kids name? (Wouldn't want another Latoya or Britney phenomenon going on when she hits first Kindergarten).

Eloise. (El, Ellie?)I might want to change my vote. I'm starting to like it very much. Very pretty.
I loved Cirque Eloise's performance of Rain too.

Well there you have it. I'm done.

PS Thank you for not choosing Apple!!

Anonymous said...

Who's voting Roselyn?????? it sounds like a town riddled with UFO sightings.

I'm fond of Beatrix of course, but my second is Eloise. I love that song by MM&M. It's very nice.

BTW - Dennis says with all the flower names, why didn't Azelia make it to the list? Probably sounds too much like Aizay ;)


stine said...

Joan, For flower names, I also like Delphinium and Alstroemeria but Dave nixed them.

Anonymous said...

I like the name Quin or if you want a longer name: Quinquenquo, which I like because it sounds Latin, Spanish, English, Swedish, Korean, and German all it one name.