Saturday, June 23, 2007

We call him Captain Compassion!

"Now they have to clean the Par-Tee Zone. I'm really sorry." This is what Aizay said after he piddled on the playmat at the Par-Tee Zone at the mall. There was only about 3 drips of urine on the mat. But Aizay felt very bad that an employee had to clean up after him.

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Marj said...

Tell Aizay he gets a *kiss* from cousin March!! Couple weeks ago, I am working at my mommy job at Chick Fil A. This lady approached us and mentioned there was pee in the play area airplane. I'm not squeamish, so I volunteer to clean it up. Well, I was not at all prepared! It was a HUGE POOL of piss, not merely a little puddle, and it was HER kid that did it. She acted as if it had been another kids accident. Never even said "sorry" much less a thank you.

Aizay is such a sweety!! Muuuah~!