Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Happy Birthday!

Today, Aizay is 3 years old. Happy Birthday, son!

Here's a birthday video for your lengthy enjoyment.


Marj said...

Happy Birthday Aizay!!!

We have some presents coming your way!


Marjie Toby and Sophie

bb said...

Happy belated birthday to Mr. Aizay! You all were right--the planet sticker were absolutely good enough ;-) I miss you all already!

Marj said...

Hey Aizay, did you get the gift yet??

Dave said...

Aizay says, "Not yet..."

Marj said...

Should be there any day now- was sent late last week. Tell Mom and Dad to post it when you get it, with your cute face too! I want to show it to the people who own that boutique, what a cute cousin I have!