Friday, August 24, 2007

reflections on my precocious, charming, amusing son

Looking back at the blog, I noticed the post I made about 2 months ago about Aizay behaving like a 2-year old and pissing me off. Things have changed. He seems extra loving and cuddly lately. I think he senses something will be changing soon...

Here he is charming a lovely lady at the pool (Abigail or as he sometimes says "Gaba-dale"). He likes to charm me too. "By the way, mama"-pause until he gets my attention-"I love you." Aizay loves his adverbs and adverbial phrases lately (This may stem from his love of the School-House Rock song: "Lolly, Lolly, Lolly, get your adverbs here..."): "By the way", "possibly", "perhaps" and last night, there was a new one..."It certainly is," he said while commenting on a puzzle which was "hard"-it had 100 pieces.

Another example of his charm...last night, there was a thunder storm. Lightning scares me. It doesn't scare Aizay. I was sitting in a chair in his room as he was going to bed. Lightning and thunder struck very close by-it was surely in my neighborhood. I flew into the air and yelled. Aizay said calmly, "It's okay. It's just thunder."

And he's pretty amusing too. The other morning, I told him he should feel my belly to feel Coraline move. I forget how he worded it but he asked me if he could feel my butt to feel her move instead. I think he was feeling lazy and didn't want to reach up very far over his head.

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