Thursday, August 09, 2007

We have decided! The baby will be named

Coraline Dorothea Etler

...unless she comes out a boy.

I know the name Coraline from the book of the same name. The name is very uncommon but has a familiar ring to it. The name is not unheard of, though; there are 39 "Coraline"s on facebook.

I love Coraline in the book. She is precocious, clever, curious, brave, and self-reliant. The book is a little spooky and the movie was supposed to come out Halloween 2008 but it will probably be later than that I think. I hope it comes out in time for us to buy Coraline dolls for her second Christmas...

"You're sick," said Coraline. "Sick and evil and weird."
"Is that any way to talk to your mother?" her other mother asked, with her mouth full of blackbeetles.

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Marj said...

Congrats!!! Thats so exciting!

By the way, I have a birthday gift for Aizay, but it will likely be a little late because I am getting his name put on it.